Squid stuffed with rice and herbs

Preparation 60 min Baking Time 25 min Servings 4 Fasting gives us the chance to detoxify by adopting a more healthy diet, but also to remember forgotten tastes and delicious...

Kids Nutrition

Pizza – bread with vegetables for kids

Preparation 20 min Baking Time 45 min Servings 10 This pizza - bread will excite both our young and adults friends because of its simplicity and delicious taste! Make it...

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Christmas “ekmek” recipe

Preparation 10 min Baking Time 30 min Servings 6 Our favourite Ekmek in a christmas version, with a base made of crushed "melomakarona" and "kourabiedes". Ingredient For base: 50gr. butter "EPIRUS 50-50" ...

“Tsoureki” stuffed with hazelnut praline

Preparation 180 min Baking Time 45 min Servings 6 The traditional sweet bread ("tsoureki") with machlepi (mahlab) and mastic flavour is just perfect.. but you can always add hanzelnut praline...


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