“Galaktompoureko” with flavoured cream

Preparation 50 min Baking Time 25 min Servings 12 The easiest recipe for "galaktompoureko", a favorite dessert originates from Konstantinoupoli. The secret for the perfect galaktompoureko with aromatic cream is...

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Banana Roll | KidsMenu

Preparation 5 min Baking Time - min Servings - An easy in the making sweet snack for kids! Ingredient 1 tortilla 2 tsp of chocolate tahini 2 grated biscuits 1 banana Execution ...

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Apple tart with creme patisserie and hazelnut crumble

Preparation 25 min Baking Time 35 min Servings 8 An amazing combination of crème patissierie, apple and tart base! A recipe with a special flavor, thanks to "Epirus, Corfu type...

Chicken thighs with beer sauce

Preparation 5 min Baking Time 15 min Servings 5 Delicious chicken thighs with a wonderful sauce of beer, honey and mustard! The ideal accompaniment is basmati rice. Ingredient 5 fillets of...

Pumpkin soup

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