3 simple ways to be a better cook


Cooking is a constantly evolving sector, a field that sometimes requires experience and precision while others require more experimentation and imagination. Whether you’re a “veteran” of cooking or a beginner, there’s always the chance of something wrong. These 3 tips can save you from a possible cooking failure!

  1. Before you start cooking read the whole recipe well. It is important to remember the sequence of steps you need to follow to get the desired result. Although in many cases you can correct an error, in other recipes this is not feasible. Remembering the sequence of steps will save you extra time and stress!
  2. Place all the cooking ingredients and tools on the table. No coincidence that in all cooking programs the ingredients are placed on the bench from the beginning and even in the quantities mentioned in the recipe. Gathering the materials and tools will benefit you twice: on the one hand you will make sure you have it all and on the other hand you will not have to “run” at the last minute to find them.
  3. In special days, keep it simple. If you are preparing a meal for your loved ones or for a special occasion such as birthdays or an anniversary, then rely on a simple recipe or a dish that you have made again. A new or complex recipe will fill you with anxiety about the result, and will increase the chances of ‘failure’.Keep cooking!

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