4+1 DIY decoration ideas for the Christmas dinner table


House decoration is one of the issues we are particularly concerned about during the Christmas period, as it plays a key role in creating a “warm atmosphere” for us and our guests. The costs incurred during the holiday season are many due to the gifts and the increased needs of the days, but that doesn’t mean that there are no ways to decorate our festive table!

I have 5 easy and low cost suggestions for your table! Bonus: You can make them together with your little ones!

Candles with cinnamon aroma: All we need is some simple white candles, some cinnamon sticks and a string or a ribbon. Place the cinnamon sticks around the candle and tighten it with the ribbon.

Decorative vases or bowls: We all have a glass jar or bowl we all have at home. If we fill it with some lights and / or balls, we create a simple decoration for the center of our table!

Pine cones: We can easily decorate our table with a few pine cones (painted or in their natural color), which can be combined with some garland or a dish with a rechauf candles.

Bottles-Candlesticks: We take one or more glass bottles (empty), wash them and remove the labels. If we want to decorate them with a bow or paint them with a glitter. Place a candle on the bottle, light it up and decorate your table.

Lighting-Bottles: If you like the idea of ​​a bottle but are afraid that there may be accidents with the candle, you can replace it with battery lighters! If you like it, you can keep it all year round a more neutral choice.

Merry Christmas!

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