5 Tips to reduce food waste


Nowadays, it is well known that, on a global scale, tons of food end up in rubbish bins. According to research, at least 30% of the food that is thrown away could be reused. How can we limit the waste of food?

  1. Meal planning: The first step in reducing waste is prevention! Making a weekly diet plan and creating a shopping list can prevent us from buying food we don’t really need.
  2. An equally important step in reducing food waste is to use the right amount of ingredients when preparing meals. To achieve this, it is important to use scales and measuring cups/tools.
  3. Reuse: How many times does the excess of food end up in the rubbish bin? In many cases extra amounts of food can be reused in a different meal. For example, roasted chicken can be used on a salad or as an ingredient of a pie’s filling.
  4. When we buy packaged food products it is important to know the number of portions that are equivalent to and be careful of the expiration date so that we can consume in time!
  5. In many cases the waste of food comes from the wrong preservation. It is important to follow the instructions and hygiene rules in order to properly store our food and not reduce their lifetime.
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