5+1 Kitchen organizing tips


The kitchen is for many people the most difficult part of the house in organization and space utilization issues. It doesn’t matter the size of the room in each house, the problem is that we all have so many things, materials and tool we use in cooking and that often makes our everyday life difficult. These 5 + 1 tips will help you organize  your kitchen:

  1. Use dividers for your drawers: Drawers are considered as more practical in use than cabinets or kitchen shelves. However drawers are often full with tools and items we use in our daily life. The dividers will help you make better use of the storage space of the drawers and will define the specific position of each item in the room, for example knives’ place, forks’ place, spatulas’ place.
  2. Use storage containers: How many times have you opened a cupboard and find that some food has been spilled over the surface? Using storage containers to organize food and spices will help you keep your kitchen organized and clean.
  3. Choose containers of the same size for food storage: Use containers of the same size per category of food to take advantage of the available space. Add labels to identify the contents of each container and have control of the quantity.
  4. “Hang” your ladles, cutting bases or mugs: Often, kitchen accessories, due to their size and shape, occupy more space in the drawers and prevent the proper utilization of it. Create and attach a special hanger for kitchen accessories (possibly with the help of a craftsman) on your wall and place the ladles, cutting bases or mugs there, as well as other objects of this type.
  5. Take advantage of the doors of your cabinets: Cooking utensils, such as large pots are difficult to store. One way to solve this problem is to create bases / hangers on the inside of the door of each closet. On these bases you can fasten the lids from your pots and save space.
  6. Extra tip: You can store smaller ones in big utensils to save more space!

Source: The Ultimate Guide on Kitchen Organization

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