5+1 Tips to organize your fridge


Have you ever opened the refrigerator and face a chaotic image, either because of the increased supply of supplies or because of misuse of the space? It’s something that can happen to everyone. In such situation, the results of  are probably the same: over- filled selves that make our everyday life difficult, foods hidden behind others are often forgotten and end up in the trash and food that goes bad due to poor maintenance.

But how can we organize our refrigerator? These 5 + 1 tips will help you organize your refrigerator correctly by storing each food at the right place.

  1. Although most refrigerators have egg cups on the door, the most suitable place for egg storage is the middle shelf in which the temperature remains more stable.
  2. Instead, the refrigerator door is the best place to place sauces and dressing such as ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise. Due to their high content of vinegar and salt, ingredients that act as natural preservatives, they are more resistant to the most unstable refrigerator temperatures.
  3. Although many of us are used to store milk in the refrigerator door, the most suitable place for it is the lower shelf of the refrigerator and back behind where it is the coolest point. The same spot are also ideal to store yogurt and other products such as sour cream or cottage cheese.
  4. Fruit and vegetables have their own place in the special drawers under the last shelf. To keep the freshness of your fruit and vegetables, avoid washing them until the time is right to use them.
  5. Meat, sausages and fish should be placed  in special drawers designed specifically for these types of food or on the lower shelf of the refrigerator.
  6. Butter and soft cheeses do not need to be in the cooler places in the refrigerator, but they can be stored in the refrigerator’s door special area.

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