Crust pies with chocolate and nuts



20 min

Baking Time

50 min


Sweet crust “pies” with nuts, chocolate and syrup: an alternative and tasty christmas treat recipe!


  • 1 pack of crust pastry sheet
  • 80gr. of pistachio nuts (Aigina type nuts)
  • 80gr. walnuts
  • 80gr. almonds
  • 1 tbsp of cinnamon powder
  • 1 tbsp of breadcrumbs
  • 300gr. butter (melted)

For the syrup:

  • 460gr. of water
  • 700gr. of sugar
  • 2 pieces lemon peels
  • 2 pieces orange peels
  • 1 cinnamon stick

For chocolate:

  • 400gr. of couverture chocolate
  • 300gr. of cream


  1. For the syrup:
    Add all the ingredients in a pot and when it stars boiling count for 4 minutes,  then remove from heat.
  2. For chocolate:
    Beat the cream with a wire until we have a soft whipped cream. Melt the chocolate using a bain marie or the microwave, then add the whipped cream. Keep it in a  patisserie corne.
  3. For the pies:
    Melt the butter in a saucepan and keep it aside. Add the nuts in the blender (peanut, almond and walnuts), when crushed and add in a bowl with the cinnamon powder and the breadcrumbs . Take a pastry sheet and add, using a cooking brush, add drops of melted butter on it. Add 1 tbsp of the nut mix in each sheet (as a filling). Place the needle on the bottom of the sheet so that it protrudes from the sheet to the left and to the right.
  4. Roll up from the bottom upwards  the 1/3 of the sheet. Then roll up the the entire sheet, leave some of it (the space of 3 fingers ) on the top. Use your fingers to press the crust roll in order to give it shape, then remove the needle.Piece together the two edges to “lock” the nut filling in, creating a round-shape “pie”. Be careful to place the non-rolled sheet piece in the center so that you can place the chocolate on.
  5. Continue with the rest of the leaves and pour the extra butter over the pies. Bake at 160 for 50 minutes. Remove and soak the pies into the cold syrup. Let the pies cool down, then add chocolate in the center. Keep in the refrigerator.

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