Dough for crispy Italian pizza



20 min

Baking Time

13 min



The favorite bread baking from Thessaloniki! Ideal for breakfast, or snacks, we can find it in different versions: simple, crisp, fluffy, whole or in other variations. Today we make it in its most classic version!


For dough:

  • 750g flour for all uses
  • 375ml water
  •  1 dry yeast sachet
  • 35g of sunflower oil
  • 35gr of evaporated milk
  • 15g of sugar
  • 8g of salt


  1. Put some of the water, with sugar and yeast in a bowl and leave for about 10 yeast to work.
  2. Mix the flour with salt, sunflower oil and safflower, incorporate the ingredients well, and then add the mixture to the yeast.
  3. Leave aside by covering with a towel for at least half an hour.
  4. As our dough inflates, put in a pan of olive oil to heat up enough and pour the shrimp with the finok. Cook for 1 minute on each side, add the lemon zest and remove it from the fire.
  5. We light the oven to warm up to 200 degrees. When our dough is ready, we divide the two and open (with the help of the drumstick) on our counter two pizzas 2 cm thick. Put flour on both sides to prevent it from sticking.
  6. Bake them for 13 minutes (200 degrees). The baking time may change if the topping ingredients need more time in the oven.

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