Greek baklava rolls recipe (saragli)

Σαραγλί | Η παραδοσιακή συνταγή της γιαγιάς


10 min

Baking Time

45 min



An easy recipe for the Greek baklava rolls that you will love. Try the traditional recipe for saragli


For the saragli:

  • 1 packet of crust sheet
  • 80 g pistachio
  • 80 g walnut kernels
  • 80 gr. almond
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon powder
  • 1 tbsp breadcrumbs
  • 300 gr. melted butter

For the syrup:

  • 460 gr. water
  • 700 gr. sugar
  • 2 lemon peels
  • 2 orange peels
  • 1 cinnamon stick


For the syrup:

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan over low heat and, when it boils, time for 4 minutes and remove from the heat.

For the saragli:

  • Melt the butter in a saucepan and set aside.
  • In the blender, crush the pistachio, the almond and the walnuts and put them in a bowl together with the cinnamon and the toast.
  • Open a sheet of crust and, using a brush, sprinkle with butter and sprinkle with the crushed ingredients (about 1 tbsp for each sheet).
  • Place the needle on the leaf at the bottom (put a needle or stick or straw) so that it protrudes from the leaf left and right.
  • Wrap 1/3 of the sheet from bottom to top and then roll to wrap the whole sheet.
  • With your fingers we “strain” the leaf inwards and remove the needle.
  • Place all the saragli in a buttered pan.
  • Continue with the remaining leaves and spread any butter left on them.
  • Bake at 160 for 50 minutes.
  • Take out and syrup on the spot with the cold syrup.
  • We put them on the grill to drain.
  • When they cool, put a little chocolate in the center that is empty and keep it in the fridge.

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