Greek Easter cookies



15 min

Baking Time

25 min


The most aromatic, delicious and easy in the making Easter buns are here!


  • 500gr. butter Epirus type Corfu
  • 550gr. sugar
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 g. Soda powder
  • 250 ml of evaporated milk
  • 125ml orange juice
  • 3 oranges (zest)
  • 1 lemon (zest)
  • 3 vanilla
  • 1 tbsp. ammonia
  • 2 tbsp. mahleb
  • ½ kg of mastic
  • 1800-1900gr. flour for all uses
  • 2 eggs for spreading


  1. Add the Epirus butter in the mixer, pour the sugar and beat it to whisk. At the same time, we break the eggs in a bowl.
  2. We stop the mixer and, using a spatula, clean the mixer walls to hit the whole quantity well. Beat again and gradually add one by one the eggs.
  3. While the mixer is working, put the orange juice in a glass or deep bowl and dissolve in the soda. Stir well and leave it aside.
  4. Mix the ammonia with milk (evaporated) in a bowl.
  5. As we keep mixing at low speed, add one by one all of our ingredients to the mixer except flour. Stir well and slowly, using a spoon, add the flour.
  6. Apply some flour on our bench and pour over the mix for our cookies. We work with our dough, using our hands. We divide our mix into balls in the size of our hand. “Open” the dough in sticks and then make braids or create the shape we want.
  7. Put the baking paper on tray and place the cookies over. Apply some of the beaten eggs on them and bake at 175 degrees for 20-25 minutes and enjoy!

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