Health benefits of mushrooms


Mushrooms are actually eatable fungus and are saprophytes, that means that are actually fed by dead organic matter. They are high in protein, vitamins, amino acids and minerals and differ in color, texture and shape. But what can they do for us with their … magical powers?

They reduce cholesterol levels in blood

Mushrooms provide us lean protein, as they have no cholesterol and fat, and their carbohydrate content is very low. Their plant fibers and some enzymes found in them also help in controlling cholesterol, while they have another important property: due to their high content of lean protein, they can help the body “burn” fat and shed the levels of cholesterol in the blood during digestion.

They reduce the likelihood of breast and prostate cancer

Mushroom is a very effective food that protect us from these two types of cancer, because it contains beta-glucan and conjugated linoleic acid, which have anti-cancer activity. Especially linoleic acid is particularly important in suppressing the effects of estrogen, which is the number 1 risk factor for breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Beta-glucans, on the other hand, prevent the growth of carcinogenic cells in cases such as prostate cancer. Also, mushrooms are rich in selenium, which also has effective anti-carcinogenic action.

They give us strength by stimulating our immune system

Ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant found in mushrooms, effectively protects our body from free radicals and helps stimulate our immune system so as to avoid frequent infections and viral infections. The antibiotics they contain are similar to penicillin and protect us against microbial infections and fungal infections while curing ulcers. The right combination of vitamins A, B and C of mushrooms makes us stronger and more resistant to viral infections, infections, and so on.

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