Greek kataifi recipe

Preparation 10 min Baking Time 45 min Servings 10 You will love the recipe for the Greek kataifi. It is traditional, easy and delicious Ingredient 500 gr kadaifi leaf 300 g...

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Sugar free hazelnut praline | KidsMenu

Preparation 10 min Baking Time 10 min Servings - The absolute recipe for the healthiest version of praline is here: home-made and sugar free hazelnut praline! Ingredient 250gr. hazelnuts (baked) 70gr....

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Melitzanes Papoutsakia (Stuffed Eggplants-Greek recipe)

Preparation 20 min Baking Time 20 min Servings 4 Τry the most delicious traditional Greek recipe for eggplants with minced meat and béchamel Ingredient 4 eggplant flasks olive oil Salt Pepper For...

Imam bayildi

Preparation 20 min Baking Time 40 min Servings 4 Imam bayildi! An easy and delicious recipe with eggplants! Ingredient 4 eggplants in flasks or tsakoniki 2 large tomatoes 4 medium onions ...

Baked sweet potatoes

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