Preparation 12 h Baking Time 30 min Servings - Koliva are one of the most nutritious meals because of its ingredients. Wheat has high nutritional value, because it is rich...

Potato salad

Kourabiedes recipe

Snail-shaped spinach pies

Kids Nutrition

Banana Roll | KidsMenu

Preparation 5 min Baking Time - min Servings - An easy in the making sweet snack for kids! Ingredient 1 tortilla 2 tsp of chocolate tahini 2 grated biscuits 1 banana Execution ...

Fashion and Trends

Turkey burgers with baby potatoes

Preparation 30 min Baking Time 15 min Servings 6 A healthy, light and delicious recipe for turkey burgers with baby potatoes! Ingredient For the minced meat: 1kg minced meat (turkey) 3 eggs ...

White chocolate mousse with yogurt

Preparation 10 min Baking Time - min Servings 6 Easy homemade yogurt mousse with white chocolate, healthy and with low calories! Ingredient 250g cookies of your choice 100g butter 500g strained...

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