Pies filled with peach jam

Preparation 60 min Baking Time 20 min Servings - The most crunchy pies are here, filled with the ultimate jam made of Velvita peaches. I'm sure you will be surprised...

Apple pie in the pan

Banana muffins (gluten free)

Pancakes with nuts and honey

Guacamole Recipe

Kids Nutrition

Children’s corn dogs

Preparation 10 min Baking Time 4 min Servings - Children quick meal that will delight the little ones! Ingredient 225gr. corn flour 50gr. of sugar 360ml lukewarm milk 190gr. flour (for...

Fashion and Trends

BBQ Chicken wings

Preparation 10 min Baking Time 30 min Servings 4 An easy, rapid and affordable dish with olny 3 ingredients! Combine it with a salad or french fries and let your...

Cereal bars

Preparation 20 min Baking Time - min Servings 15 Make your own cereal bars without preservatives in an easy and fast way for a healthy snack in the day! Ingredient 225...

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