Smells like Epiros Butter


Inside each pot of melted milk butter EPIROS  is hidden a rich flavor,  that leaves a warmth in the mouth. A taste that brings with it memories from our childhood. When the aroma of the original butter slipped out of the oven and overrun home to find its way and pierce forever in our hearts …

Butter and festive days are intertwined. Milk butter has its honor during festive days like Christmas or Easter (tsoureki, galaktoboureko or baklava without melted milk of milk EPIROS is not meant), but it fits well with the most simple gastronomic delights as well. Put it on pies, fried eggs, spaghetti sauces or where else you want to give a special touch of flavor and aroma.

It is so fragrant, it is enough to give it an aroma of food and sweets. One tablespoon of pure EPIROS butter over a freshly cooked meal, gives range and taste intensity, raises its hedonic dimension and intensifies its homemade character. An irreplaceable role, an unforgettable taste.

Melted EPIROS milk butter is the secret that “connoisseurs” of the fiels have always used to give their food and sweets a taste of Greece. Made from 100% sheep and goat milk, it gives its special “mark” on each dish. Gives our cakes, sweet breads and cooks the unique care of a mother’s hand, makes the traditional sweets even better and looks just as an ideal choice in meat recipes too.

For the best “blending” of ingredients to cakes, biscuits and to any gastronomic wandering of ours, Epiros butter – Corfu type made from 50% goat and 50% cow’s milk is the best ingredient to add, making the sweet and savory dishes smell good, giving a wonderful taste and aroma that remains forever engraved in the memory of kids and adults.

Whatever you prefer from the traditional butter of the EPIROS family, either melted milk butter or Corfu type, will give you a wonderful flavor and a unique scent to all your creations.

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